Our Mission Statement

To make a significant difference in the lives of people and animals,
through the alleviation of suffering in its many forms, so as to promote a world
which is humane, compassionate and caring towards all of creation.


Our primary goals are to seek long-term and sustainable solutions to the challenging issues which we face today.
To provide care and upliftment to the vulnerable and dependent in our society - with particular emphasis on young children in disadvantaged circumstances, as well as the aged. Furthermore, support will be given to a progressive vision regarding animal welfare.
To promote respect and stewardship of the earth, which is home to us all.
The third branch of our vision, is to assist and support those who show initiative and promise and a determination to uplift their circumstances through education and hard work. This would be achieved by the provision of opportunities for further education.

Our plan of action

As our focus is to alleviate the conditions which arise from disadvantaged circumstances, particularly for abandoned or homeless children, as well as the elderly, consideration will be given to the awarding of grants to those charities which aim to provide support, accommodation, food, counselling, as well as educational opportunities to those in need.
Regarding the promotion of animal welfare, funding will be provided to:
  • - Existing sterilisation programmes
  • - Animal societies and welfare groups to support the work that they do in rescuing and rehabilitating companion, farm and wild animals which have been abused, abandoned or neglected.
  • - Support efforts to educate communities regarding animal rights and the compassionate treatment of all living beings.
A much longer term objective is to establish a scholarship programme in order to provide opportunities for tertiary education to young people who show a commitment and a desire to contribute to their community once their school studies are complete; as well as those who would like to study in the field of animal welfare and the conservation of our environment. This will be achieved through the awarding of scholarships or by providing financial assistance for study purposes to those individuals who without assistance would otherwise not be able to continue with their studies.


The GMA Foundation

Maria Levy: 082 4923218 | info@gmafoundation.org.za